There is a star that lights the road..

As the eery church bell clock, a brittle love story comes to a sudden stop

A late night journey, crushed beneath reality’s rock

In his heart, there is now an open slot

Life is a rainbow, and he loved her a lot

There is a star that lights the road..

He wanders off in dismay, disgusted by the act that he committed

But their love, was never permitted

Free of guilt he wanders, his deed acquitted

There is a star that lights the road..

The anger in his eyes, she remembers it clearly

The complete change in the man that she held so dearly

The blow he threw, that she evaded nearly

Followed by another, and another, and another..

There is a star that lights the road..

When I found her, she was barely breathing

One glance in her eyes told me that her soul was leaving

I thought to myself: Why is mankind so evil? Violent, malicious and deceiving

I took her hand in mine and whispered: “Come now, we are leaving”.

There is star that lights the road.. 

©Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2011

COPYRIGHT: Alexander Berg Mattsson

I do not claim to be a poet. Neither do I claim this to be a good piece. I wrote this real quick, because I had a “flash” (not the Chuck TV-show version of flash) and saw this happening in front of me. So I figured I’d post it. I could go on and on about how to interpret it, but that’s not my place now is it? Feel free to interpret poetry, literature and life in general, just as you please. I’ll give you a clue though, the third person in this poem is the collector..

Oh yeah, I’m picking up my camera again. As soon as I get a decent editing program on my Mac.

Love is what make the world go around, tacky but true. /BM.


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