The invisible, yet immense veil between the living and the dead.

In her eyes there was no life

Silent she lie, muted by knives

Her blood still pouring

Words cannot explain my mourning

An innocent woman murdered

In my eyes there is nothing but a scorning

I bargain with the higher powers

Wondering why she was taken

Instead of me, why did you take my lover?

I wonder if the reaper had mistaken

I curl up, shaking with a sudden sorrow

Our love was beautiful, not this horror

But if this is life, I don’t want to breathe tomorrow


On your tombstone it reads:

“Loved by many, life cut short by a horrible deed”

I watch from behind as your family put down flowers

Recalling your smile, your beautiful voice

All that was ended in an mere hour

I turn around, a single tear on my cheek


Years later, I revisit your resting place

Hand in hand walks my son

Not of your blood, but he knows your face

Our love remains, but you directed me to her

You came to me in my dreams

When I was done with the world

You comforted me, and lead me to this girl

Though never the same as my love for you

It is enough to keep me from joining you

For now at least.

©Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2011


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