The Curious Incident


Just put down the page-turner of a novel about Christopher Boone, written by Mark Haddon. This is the second time I read it, and I love it. It’s basically a rites of passage novel, with the twist that the main character (and narrator) Christopher suffers from Aspergers. I’m not going to spoil the book for you, since I fully expect you to read it, but at the end.. When Christopher is outside of his comfort zone, wow. Brilliant.

The novel also makes me reflect on how I would react to having a child with Aspergers. Would I be the calm, patient father that Christopher’s dad is (he has major flaws, but in general: he is calm, patient and understanding) or would I be the mother who runs away from the responsibility (not because she doesn’t love Christopher, she does)? Would I be able to cope, or would I go mental over the fact that I couldn’t connect with my child, that I couldn’t understand my child? I’d like to think that I would be able to master the challenge, because (no offense) but it is a challenge. I would certainly love my child unconditionally, no doubt about that, but loving somebody is not necessarily the same as understanding the person that you love. The novel also show people how we “normal” people tend to treat people with Aspergers, Christopher is constantly referred to as: crazy, mad hatter etc. by strangers. Haddon wanted to raise awareness for this illness, and he should be applauded for that, because it’s a valiant cause to fight for.

We tend to judge people instantly, categorizing people as either “normal” or “special”. If you are not normal, you are “special” or crazy. This is wrong, but we work like that. We are programmed to judge people without knowing them, but hey, perhaps we can help each other change that about ourselves?

P.S: Really enjoying the increased activity on my page here, and I really appreciate the feedback on my poetry. Thanks guys!




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