A Beacon of Light

For the first time, in quite a while
His face is lit up by a smile
Amidst his darkness
Is a beacon, of the brightest light
The light of freedom, shines so bright

A while ago, he was going under
His mentality, all storm and thunder
The sudden change makes one wonder
What broke the spell he was under

Another vision behind his veil
Through misery and darkness, love will prevail.
His invisible companion, away it sailed
Through misery and darkness, love will prevail 


9 thoughts on “A Beacon of Light

      1. lscotthoughts says:

        Well, I must admit it was great to feel some hope in your words. However, it’s amazing and true how our struggles inspire great writing! I hope your struggles lessen, but keep up the wonderful poetry!
        L 🙂

  1. Angela says:

    “Through misery and darkness, love will prevail.” Great, powerful line :-). I love the word ‘prevail’, it just seems to be so descriptive of what it means (if that makes any sense!). Glad to have found your blog and look forward to your posts 🙂

  2. Vampire Weather says:

    Alex, this strong exhortation is simply beautiful. As Lauren noted, a hopefulness that I feel incapable of projecting lately in my work, and I am glad to see that spark in you. A lovely addition to your already impressive portfolio!

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