The Pursuit of Happiness

A clenched jaw and a raised fist
Consciously awaiting Empathy’s Mist
The temptations of the flesh, he can’t resist
Indulging in gluttony, pride, sloth, and especially lust
His own mind he cannot trust
Hatred and envy, he feels is a must

A son of sin, with the soul of an angel
Split into two, his being in danger
To murderous thoughts, he is no stranger
He envisions it fiercely, and
He awaits it bleakly

If I should die tomorrow
Send me no tears to borrow
Stay shy of sorrow
If I should die tomorrow
Pour some ale in a glass, raise a toast to the sky
I’m at peace here, so don’t ask God why
If I die tomorrow, I won’t have to see anybody else I love leave
Don’t reincarnate me, I don’t want to come back
So please, don’t make me

©Alexander Berg Mattsson

AUTHOR’S NOTE: A large portion of the last paragraph is heavily inspired by Joe Budden – If I Should Die Tomorrow

Disclaimer: I do not wish death upon myself. This is fictional writing, I promise.


8 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness

  1. Angela says:

    “Split into two, his being in danger” – this line, for me, sums up what many feel when they walk with depression, loneliness or other conditions that plague the mind and soul. Your penmanship has an insightful darkness that, I’m sure, is empathic to a great many people. Great piece and I too, am pleased you added that disclaimer 🙂

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