Letter to Maya

As I watch my baby sleep
Envying her and her voiceless dreams
I reflect on steps that I have taken
Reminded of trusts that I have shaken
People I’ve left, and all the times that I have mistaken
Greed, selfishness and agony for love
But don’t worry baby, I will watch you from above

Nobody will ever be allowed to hurt you
Your brother is watching, even if I seem to have deserted you
Don’t listen to society and what they tell you
What you want to be, is all up to you
Your family is with you, every step of the way
Our sole goal with life is to make sure that you are okay
If your love isn’t respected, and you walk away
I will be there for you, if I may?

In you, I see a part of me
It’s to be expected, two branches of the same tree
Know that, whatever you do: I will never leave
Whoever you turn out to be
Will always be okay with me
Unconditional love is all I have to give
And it’s yours for as long as I live

A word of warning is in place
No matter what they tell you
The world is not a sacred place
Some people are false, ugly to the core
There is lying, stealing and even wars
But, The forces of evil is no match anymore
I went to the sky and collected an angel from the store

But, Don’t worry just yet
Little sister, you have plenty of time left
To outgrow the costume of childhood
Just don’t rush it, that won’t do you any good
Enjoy the protection from your loved ones
Enjoy the safety of your dreams
Once you get older, you will understand
That life and dream do not often walk hand in hand
But for now, rest and dream of impossible things
No stick or stone can ever break our bond
My love for you is what make my heart sing

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I dedicate this to my three other little sisters as well. Daniella, Mirjam & Minna, I love you equally. I don’t play favorites, but this picture of “baby” Maya just got my pen flowing.


8 thoughts on “Letter to Maya

  1. lscotthoughts says:

    This is such a beautiful expression of sibling love, especially that of a big brother. It’s actually very lovely and sentimental. Your sisters are very lucky to have you! They’re all wonderful lines, but I really like: No stick or stone can ever break our bond.

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