When Your Hero Falls

"When Your Hero Falls" - ©Alexander Berg Mattsson

Part I
The pain in her eyes
As they flicker and slowly burn out
The silence that follows,
Aggressive, paralyzing and without doubt
The panic I experience, as I watch her fall
Further, and further away
Incapable of answering, my desperate calls
I catch her in my arms, but I am much too late
The Reaper has already decided on her fate
I yell, my voice broken with despair
Cursing our shared journey, that must now end here
She is walking on a trail, that I can’t follow
Without her, my future seems so, so hollow
I fall to my knees, my entire being besieged
A last glance into her eyes, those beautiful ice-blue eyes
Never again shall I drown myself in her warm embrace
I must now stand alone, bury my pain
Until I, myself, have death to face

Part II
How did happiness and laughter merge into pain?
Euphoria transformed into misery, love’s own bane
For every day that passed, we drifted further apart
In the end, she left, and took with her, my heart
Without each other, you will never be as strong
You are left obsessing, where did it go wrong
You try to rekindle the flame, but it burns out before long
She was an angel in my eyes, but someone clipped her wings
I know I should distance myself, but instead I desperately cling
Not able to visualize a life without you, so I offer a ring
You accept without hesitation, love is a mystical thing
Blind to your deception, I spiral further into depression
Did it really please you to please me?
Where you acting out of your own will, or just trying to appease me?
Was your love genuine, or where you just trying to seize me?
Your departure resembled a lightning strike in broad daylight
After all of those years, we gave up without a fight
Our rainbow suddenly darkened, by pure spite
Nothing hurts more than knowing that my instincts were right.
Now you may wonder what I am trying to tell you all,
I am just trying to show you, that there is more than one way for a hero to fall.

©Alexander Berg Mattsson


14 thoughts on “When Your Hero Falls

  1. bipolarmuse says:

    Ahhhh..so beautiful. I had an ex who committed suicide, he loved superman and would joke that he indeed had super powers. After he passed, all I could think was “superman died”. It’s wonderful to read your poems and relate them to my life experiences. Thank you

    1. thepoeticgoblin says:

      Thank you. This is a very personal subject, I just tried to give the conflicting psychological sides a fair exchange. I’m glad that you were able to relate & that you liked it, sorry about your ex though!

  2. elizabethexploring says:

    I started reading one thing you wrote…then the next…and the next…all I can say is wow…amazing! I wish I had more thumbs because you deserve more than just two. ; )

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