Stand By Me

Stand by me.
Through turmoil and disaster
Through dancing and through laughter
When I sow my lips together
When I forget that I was raised better
When I lose myself inside my mind
As I journey deeper and deeper, and leave you far behind

Stand by me.
Please, stand by me.

I know that I can be heartbreaking
When you hug and comfort, through the shakings
When the world has got me down
And I am nowhere to be found
A shell of the man that I know I can be
When I clean myself up, so that you won’t see
All of the emotions, that are pouring out of me
When my expression is an empty canvas
And I am simply too much for anyone to handle

Stand by me
Please, stand by me

When I crawl up in the darkness, screaming with fear
And I am certain that God is near
When I get lost in my visions of death
And I worship you as life’s last breath
When I succumb to my sickness, and admits defeat
When I walk upon the road where good and evil meet

Stand by me
Please, stand by me


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