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The sudden sound tormented the beautiful summer night
Loud and violently the air vibrated from the blast
The following echo sent shivers down the boy’s spine
Then it all went silent

The peaceful sounds of crickets – signifier of a night in June
Replaced by an explosion – smoke and fumes
The forces of good clashing with figures in black
He braced himself – and paced right back

Frozen with fear he gazed over the town square
Littered with broken bodies – the air now filled with screams of fear
He heard a sizzling sound – and instantly he knew that death was near
A blinding light.
For his young eyes much too bright
A soothing voice.
Nursing him into a dreamless sleep
Blurred visions of a mother.
Who silently weeps
A lover shaking with grief
Yet all he wants is sleep
Heartbeat racing.
Hands upon his chest
A muffled breath.
Denied his final rest

A hand clasps his.
He can feel the warmth of skin
The boy refused entrance.
Due to lack of sin
His eyes flash open.
He stares into an abyss
He came back for her.
And her love persists
He fell for an angel.
And she brought him back with the touch of a kiss

©Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2012


16 thoughts on “Bravery

  1. Vampire Weather says:

    This is just explosive with imagery, emotion, intrigue…wow. I feel like you have captured all the things I love about writing–it is that sense of creating the scene in your own mind through words in a way that is more powerful than a movie. I love this!

  2. Joanna says:

    My favorite part was at the end. “He fell for an angel and she brought him back with the touch of a kiss.” I swear I felt my heart skip a beat. Oh! Before I forget I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. You really are one of my favorite poets on here. Take care!

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