Lost Ones

Spotted from a distance, an emerald sky
The break of dusk.
The loss of day, the beginning of night
It resembles my soul
It cannot shine without light

The dying days of summer
The sun replaced by storm and thunder
Hope transforms into despair
The warmth of my heart, is no longer there
So I sit here and wonder:
Can anyone lift the curse that I am under?

A silent rainstorm
Patters the lone window in my room
Grey clouds clutters the illumination from the moon
And soon I am consumed by my doom

©Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2012


5 thoughts on “Lost Ones

  1. bipolarmuse says:

    Interesting how each person can take a different perspective on poetry.
    Very sad yet it carries a dark beauty.
    And how different people can be… I feel like I shine more in the dark, in the night. Daylight brings me gloom.

    Good piece, enjoyed it very much…

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