Last night, I had a dream
I did not dream about world peace
Nor did I envision, genocide to cease
No, I dreamt of greed
Of money, wealth and inexplicable treats

I saw myself on top of the globe
I felt complete, like my riches had made me whole
In front of me, stood the devil
Bargaining for my soul
I gladly traded it – for financial control

They tell me that I used to be good
I nurtured people, like only I could
But now I am not certain, that I should
Why should I care for the health of others?
When I can have it all for myself – why would I even bother?

They tell me that Nature is my mother
And God is my father
But mankind has made my heart harder
Like solid rock, I am dead inside
I rule a world where money is pride
Do you see now, what happens,
When you let humans and greed unite?

 ©Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2012


16 thoughts on “Greed

  1. Miro says:

    The world is definitely like this,there is no doubt. It’s each and ever individual’s choice whether they walk along with it, or if they turn their back on it and walk alone. Too many were too fearful to turn their backs, and that’s why the world is what it is now. I am a warrior, and I walk with the few who turned their backs and walk the path of strength, courage, and selflessness.

    No, it’s not the easier path, and that’s exactly why I, my mentors, and my brother and sister warriors walk it. Some things are more important than comfort.
    Peace & grace,

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