The birth of thepoeticgoblin

Release your inner Goblin. ©Alexander Berg Mattson

My pounding heart awakes me at night
Somewhere, just out of my reach, there is glistening light
Six feet under, but I am finally set loose
Armed with nothing but nails and a sickened mind
I start digging, clawing at the walls
I cannot stand upright, so I crawl
My skin is moldy, my eyes a bloodcurdling red
My heart is non-existent, and my soul ironclad
As I crack through the ceiling of my tomb
Children flee back into their mother’s womb
I am a figment of your imagination, yet I am so real
A monster without limitation, a creature incapable of fear
Once I arrive in your mind, I will assassinate all that you hold dear
Whenever you feel alone I will be right there
Pouncing on my prey, I treat happiness with jeer
A façade impossible to see through
But make no mistake, I am coming for you

©Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2012


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