Happy Valentines Day..

“Love one another and you will be happy; it is as simple and as difficult as that. – Michael Leunig”

Happy Valentines everybody. I hope you are enjoying your day out there, either with your other half or with family and friends. To me, Valentines Day will always represent the birth of my first born little sister Daniella though, so I don’t like “celebrating” it, since it is her day. But I do love her unconditionally so I guess it fits the theme of the day.

The quote? I just find that quote brilliant. It really defines what love is to me. I really can’t say it any better myself. It’s a double-edged sword and there is definitely more than one way to love. You may search your entire life after that special someone, but even if you don’t find him/her, it doesn’t mean that nobody loves you. Remember that people!

You’ll hear more from me soon. Buried with school work at the moment so my creative juices aren’t exactly flowing freely at the moment, I love English, but Linguistics and Academic Writing doesn’t really appeal to the poet inside of me.

Love. /TPG


7 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day..

  1. bipolarmuse says:

    This day belongs to my daughter for me as well… 🙂
    Love is beautiful, in what ever love we have to bask in… romantic, family, friends. So many different ways in which to love. ♥

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