Letter To Daniella

©Daniella Berg

 I can’t believe that 13 years has passed
Since you arrived and created a love so vast
Unconditional, and certain to last
My beautiful baby sister, grown up so fast
I will never forget the moment, when I first held you in my arms
How I walked up to the window, and showed you the stars
I knew from the first second, that the world wasn’t mine anymore, it was ours

From that day, you have come so far
You are so artistic, a photographer, a creator and an upcoming star
And even though I can’t be with you, know I am watching over you from afar
Just as with Maya, Mirjam and Minna, nobody will ever be allowed to hurt you
As long as I am around, big brother is there to protect you from it all
If you ever need me, all you need to do is call
I’ll be there in a second, you can count on me to catch you when you fall

You are a teenager now, so times might change
You may grow to hate your brother, desiring your own space
When I interfere in your business, drive your boyfriends away
Just remember what I tell you: If they deserve you, they will stay
I might be overprotective, but try to understand
A boy must be just about perfect, to put that ring on your hand
Daniella, I am here, until the day I disappear
Until they take me off this earth, and I am six feet under there
And believe me when I tell you, and what I say is true:
No matter what we might go through
I will always love you


12 thoughts on “Letter To Daniella

  1. Parry says:

    WoW!! I had a real smile on my face that kept getting wide till I reached the last line!
    It’s a bless to see this kind of love and feel how powerful it is … A girl can never feel the need for anything as long as her big brother is there for her 🙂

    May GOD bring you closer to each other 🙂

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