A Guardian in The Night


Howls and screams disrupt the silent, forest night
A little boy is running, running for his life
The darkness is his ally, while hiding in the night
His hunters close in behind him, with their cursed light
He cries for his brother, but he saw him fell
Will he ever rise again, no one can tell
Master and his mutt, knows the forest well
The little boy is struggling, can’t seem to catch his breath
Fully aware that a misplaced step, is all that separates him and death
A vision of his brother, showing him the way
The boy is very tired, but can’t afford to stray
If he were to fail, another human slain
No one to tell their story, no one to share their pain
He reaches his final destination
The giant cliff, no hesitation
As he falls, towards the water
The boy who survived, whips and torture
The spirit of his brother, helped him cross the final border
The sun is rising, day’s first light
The boy had lived, thanks to his guardian in the night

©Alexander Berg Mattsson


18 thoughts on “A Guardian in The Night

  1. bipolarmuse says:

    Amazing… greatly written and I anticipated each line. ♥
    Also, I wish I could speak another language. May I ask which it is? I have not a clue… but would guess German. I am probably very far off. LOL

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