The Candle Has Been Lit

When I close my eyes at night
To rest my soul from its endless fight
Her face is always my last sight
She gives me comfort, feeds my light
A change in the tide, however slight
My resilience and pride dissolves, and I just might
Transform my being in its essence
and change into a man worthy of her presence
The ghosts of my past reassembles, but are denied entrance
Defeated and destroyed, by an honest romance
The verdict is “love” and I am sentenced
But, when it comes to her: there is no penitence

©Alexander Berg Mattsson


15 thoughts on “The Candle Has Been Lit

  1. Androgoth says:

    A rather engaging piece of poetry that
    truly stands out from the crowd my friend…

    I have read quite a lot of your work with
    interest and yet I rarely comment, however
    on this offering I have decided to add my
    thoughts and you have excelled…


      1. Androgoth says:

        Do call by whenever you are in the neighbourhood
        as I have unlocked the gates to the darker side of
        Spaces, well sort of 🙂 Have a ghoulishly excellent
        day today my friend…


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