The Horror, The Dream

The horror, the dream
But life isn’t always what it seems
Some people’s worst nightmares
Are other people’s reality
Some children fight wars
Others only care about vanity
Some battle with their sanity
Others battle with their families
People lie silent in the night and weep
Others haven’t got a place to sleep
Some go off to Wall Street, to see what they can reap
Others are out in the cold, living on the streets
Some live in pretty houses, where all their loved ones meet
Others walk a thin line, on a field they have to sweep
Some complain about their dinner
Others can’t afford to eat

The world is not a happy place
For some it’s an adventure, but for others it’s a maze
We separate and segregate, judge people on their race
We hurt and kill each other, just so one can save face
We have created a society, where no one feels safe

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired
Of living in a world where we silence equality, and praise the liars
Enraged about the fact, that our children are forced
To walk through eternal fire
And at the same time nod and smile, and call the rich man “Sire”
The same men that are ruled and blinded, by their own desire
How can we stand idle by, and watch our children starve to death
While other people glut, and eat until they lose their breath?
I can no longer tolerate, a world where hatred is deliberate
And kindness is considered weak
Where a small group of people, forbids the majority to speak
How can we find happiness, when we are not allowed to seek?
How can we find unity, when our mindset is “you OR me”?
In our world we view, empathy as a disease
And as our numbers decrease
We remain muffled, in our quest for peace

©Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2012



7 thoughts on “The Horror, The Dream

  1. Pete Armetta says:

    Very powerful bud, and the state of things nowadays is nothing to write home about. Good to know there are still good people around who aspire to take the high road, and I’m awfully glad to know them. Prevents me from becoming a cynic.

    Thought provoking.

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