Better Days

The unspoiled beauty of an unblemished soul
As it enriches a heart riddled with holes
That is what she gives to me
But I doubt that she knows
The deeds of my past
The eternal conflict my love propose
A tarnished human whose darkness impose
It threatens to subdue me
I am lost and without hope

When others rejoice and celebrate, on regret I choke
I discovered the key to happiness
But somewhere along my journey, it broke
I wrestled with my demons for far too long
Lost track of who I am, at the side of the devil
Is where I belong

I fall to my knees, for salvation I pray
Lord, send me an angel
To take me far, far away
To keep me safe from danger
To protect me from wandering astray
She shoots me a glance, with those glorious eyes
She offers me a chance, a life without lies
Silently she hums all my inner pain away
I take her hand, and gently follow
On the path to better days

©Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2012


8 thoughts on “Better Days

  1. Angela says:

    Oh, what a beautiful poem! I personally love the fact that you salvaged the darkness at the beginning with the light offered by the angel at the end. Wonderful writing!

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