A New Hope

Lately, I’ve been unable to deny a higher existence
Since recently, a higher power has been granting all my wishes
I have this silken voice in my ear, telling me that I am gifted
The train is back on the platform, but I no longer miss it
On the road to resurrection, as night become day
Suddenly confident that I won’t go astray
That something will lead me upon the righteous way
Towards salvation, where hope and happiness play
The demons of my past lies behind me, slain
No longer a desperate fear of going insane
Nor the need to disguise my inner pain
As I follow the trail away from darkness’ reign

ยฉAlexander Berg Mattsson

Photo: All rights preserved to Bill Pevlor.


10 thoughts on “A New Hope

  1. Pete Armetta says:

    That’s right do your thing, be your genuine and authentic self and follow your sense of conviction. Beautifully written and a great thing for my first read of the day! Thanks.

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