A Palace on the Shores

With every change of season, with every change of tide
It slumbers in the darkness, biding its time
The bloodcurdling stories of evil’s prime
Hearsay of darkness and soulless crime
A constant companion upon the thinnest of lines
It represents pure evil, bearing the devil’s sign
The sole obstacle that I cannot climb
The deeds of my past, the soul I recklessly grimed
A hollow laugh with burning coal for eyes
A vicious mind and a malign smile
A golden heart that I turned vile
Sparkling in the distance, the watchful eye
Ruthlessly it awaits you: it is cunning, it is sly
A charming exterior, but born to lie
Forgive me, I mean not to pry
But allow me to guide you
Into its palace, where innocence comes to die

©Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2012


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