The Most Beautiful Lie

Upon the beaches of Luthria’s holy sand
Stood a man, prepared to take the stand
He spoke of magical findings and a promised land
Made majestic gestures, even shook the peoples’ hand
His voice soothing and his promises grand

Imagine a world where we can be free
Free of murder, lies and greed
A world where the air is clean enough to breathe
Imagine a place, as sacred as only heaven can be
Together we shall create it, you and me

Imagine a society, where all are able to succeed
To visualize and achieve, all of their lifelong dreams
Where the competition is friendly, and free of deceit
A place where love does not come with a receipt
A place free of prejudice, and where one can just be
I rose from the crowd with a haunted mind
I challenged his vision with memories of forgotten times
Where were you, when we starved and feared for our lives?
You offer us nothing but empty promises and unholy bribes
When just last year, you burned our lands and raped our brides
And how I can forget, when I was your guide
And how can I forgive, when you made me crippled inside?

©Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2012


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