Move On

Me I… I hate ignorance so much
I’m prayin’ for people* that didn’t grow much.
Maybe our whole generation was raised wrong
I’m only responsible for me, I gotta’ stay strong.” – Joe Budden

I swear that I sometimes feel like I was born as 30-year old man. I don’t belong in this era of bullshit music without a meaning, people who have opinions but only about bullshit matters, or people who are simply to afraid to stand for what they believe in. Or, and this is the worst of them all, people who are ignorant about what they ACTUALLY believe in and refuses to even research it. Racism. “I’m better than you because my parents have money”-mentalities.. etc. Yikes. This quote usually soothes me. If you are a standout, don’t try fit into the mould, remember that you are only responsible for yourself.



6 thoughts on “Move On

    1. thepoeticgoblin says:

      Haha, perhaps! It does seem rather unlikely but you never know. I have written a few songs, but my voice has the ability to shatter both ear drums and glass unfortunately..

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