The King of Sand

The idea of it all inspires me
My pride and blood entitles me
To free the people who was deprived of me
To acknowledge the divine that exists inside of me
To seize the women that I desire
Vicious and malicious, the crown on fire
The deeds of my court, gruesome and vile
My growing pains as blood is shed
Shackles and steel, creating a sea of red

My adversaries few, and my kinsmen fewer
The highest of lords my sole reviewer
As I twist and turn in my bed at night
I can deny the realm the right of light
I gained the power by birth, and I rule with might
Mercilessly destroying all who tries to fight

The end is approaching, yes death is near
A virgin maiden in the art of fear
Destined to lose all that I hold dear
Fond of emotions, I give in to despair
As all my minions laugh and jeer
I sign the petition to end the year
In war and forced rebellion, misery loves company
Failed to realize that I, held their right to breathe in custody
I rule the world, I have their fates in my hands
Nothing can disrupt me, I own these lands
I am the most powerful man alive: I am, the King of Sand.

@Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2012


4 thoughts on “The King of Sand

  1. Pete Armetta says:

    Yes, the King of Sand will NOT be deterred! Love this, very BIG and an exciting story too really. Do you ever write fiction? I only ask as you create quite a scene here.

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