A Liar’s Mouth


He who was once so certain and free of doubt
Is now unable to envision how his life will pan out
But she means too much, so he can’t let it out
Fearful of hurting his guardian angel, he stands alone
A lone shade of light who does not have a home
Lost in the wilderness, miles away from his comfort-zone
An erratic mind with a heart of stone.

Indifferent of death but plagued by the past
Scared of the future, since the present won’t last
Forced into submission and his heart free to ask
The questions he dreads and the answers it blasts
A welcomed change to the times that passed
As well as a warning of what has yet to pass
An erratic mind with a heart of sand.

He put his life in the hands of his angel
Where it is destined to be in constant danger
Of falling victim to the curse of blinded trust
Viciously defeated by fiery lust
And yet another half-full cup
An erratic mind with a heart that is crushed.

©Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2012


9 thoughts on “A Liar’s Mouth

  1. Tinkerbell says:

    Doubt is dark and painful, fueled only by lies and fear.
    Trusting the trustworthy, and accepting our good only makes us stronger.
    Betrayal hurts, but we can always walk out into the light 🙂

    Peace & Love,

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