Three Different Shades

I remember the first time my eyes met yours
Across the room, hidden behind a crowded dance floor
How I was drawn to you, unable to control myself
How your smile encouraged my bravery and how you portrayed yourself
A woman of class, armed with the most beautiful eyes
Ample lips, and a gaze that dismantled any potential lies
Dark brown hair, fiercely attractive, but yet so shy
The room flooded with alcohol, yet my throat felt dry
The rest of the night is blurry, I guess time do fly

You saved me from the darkness.
I was drowning in my mind’s sharpness
I was lost in myself and couldn’t find home
Eternal unease, in my own comfort zone
Then you came around, and I was no longer alone
(and) with you at my side, I can fear no evil
You vowed to keep my safe from danger
That’s what you are to me, my own special angel
I hold you in my arms as I watch you sleep
Perfect tranquility. With you, I am complete
Your heartbeat is the music of my soul
Lost in our romance and spinning out of control
For with you, my shattered heart is finally whole.
and within myself I notice a shift
For, every moment spent with you,
is God’s most beautiful gift.
“They say I am too different
They tell me that I have changed
I tell them: You didn’t.” 

©Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2012


10 thoughts on “Three Different Shades

  1. celestealluvial says:

    Amazing….. I really feel you through your poetry…..I write poetry too and I have seen many similarities between our works….I know that place which you write from inside your heart, for I often write from there too…..always nice to meet a kindred spirit in this vast blogesphere…..I will be following you from this point on…..I very much enjoy your blog and hope you continue to keep the flame alive….. 🙂
    Best wishes to you,

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