Blossoming Love

I linger outside the land of the dreaming
Hinging on the sound of your breathing
Before I met you my heart was bleeding
and I was brought to my knees by life’s ruthless beatings
I was fallen, dishonest and prone of leaving
But when my eyes met yours, it awoke a feeling
So strong and pure, I guess I found what I was seeking
And, our love is something I can believe in.
With you at my side, I recanted all sin
I rejected my inner demons, and instead let yours in.
When you dance with the devil,
he whom stands alone can’t win.
As our souls collide, and you let me in
To a heart so golden, and a trust so thin
Three Different Shades, and the softest of skin
When our lips touch, my whole world spins
And a day spent without you, leaves my soul akin
For with you, I am finally the man that I want to be
And without you, I am merely a shadow of me.

©Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2012


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