I slowly walk towards my fate
With a pounding heart, free of hate
They call it the “circle” of life but my path is straight
And I am burdened with the weight
Of a thousand souls, and their pain is great
But, If it takes me to be a martyr for us to rise
Then so be it, just let it be a surprise
For what is the purpose of life, if you are not prepared to die
For those you love, and for what you believe
For a world where deaf men hear, and the blind can see
Where all are equal, where all are free
Where my anxiety dissolves, and I can finally breathe
Where I can put an end to the anger, that inside me seethes
Destined to be a martyr, and it is time to leave
Time to escape the madness, set their souls free
But why is it that everything I love, you manage to take from me?

©Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2012


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