It all began with a song of two wounded souls
Searching for the one that would make them whole
I was lost in myself, spinning out of control
Whilst the scars of your past had taken its toll
The ghosts of before couldn’t play their role
As faithful boyfriends to a woman so full
Of beauty, kindness and selfless love
It goes beyond perception, to let go of the above
A mistake I wouldn’t make, but it is their loss
Because I will remain faithful, no matter the cost
So allow me to share your burden, to bear your cross
And we will rebuild our ability to trust together
We have time. Months, years, even maybe forever
And whatever life throws at us, we will march on through
since I was once told that dreams come true
Life taught me different, but that was before you
Infatuated at first, but then it grew.
Initially reluctant, but inside I knew.
That the people I live for now included you
So I lay down, smiling, just enjoying the view.

ยฉAlexander Berg Mattsson, 2012


12 thoughts on “Sidetracked

  1. celestealluvial says:

    Oh! This touched my heart on such a tender level! I love rejoicing in love stories like this, those finding a safe haven and bliss in the arms of a kindred soul. You penned this very well, and spoke volumes into my heart and mind….for that I thank you… Superbly done…..

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