A Crimson Sunset


A crimson sunset
 Chilly winds and children’s’ play
Death in the morning.

©Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2012


5 thoughts on “A Crimson Sunset

  1. hollymc85 says:

    I love a good haiku. I like that they’re suposed to be thought-provoking.

    I always find it hard, though, to ‘change subject’ after 2 lines but keep it relevant. You managed quite nicely here. By the looks of things your subject change is after line 1? i.e. seasonal setting of scene then change subject – Am I right?

    I’m a teacher too. Hard but worth it, right!

    1. thepoeticgoblin says:

      Hi! First of all, thanks for visiting. Yes, it is extremely hard to change the subject after 2 lines and remain relevant and not just write some nonsense. You are correct, I begin to change the subject as soon as I’m done with line 1 here.

      Definitely worth it!

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