The norms of society are a noose to me
Its morals and its ethics are just too loose for me
so I am lost in the maze of independence without a map on me
(and) nobody understands that every conversation is a trap to me
(and) I am starting to think that my loved ones are losing trust in me
but understand that your expectations are just dust to me
I am not able to appease you, it is just too much for me
To inhabit a world who wishes to ensnare and crush me
(but) Fighting for my right to be who I am is just routine to me
I grow weary with all the rules applied to me
Adjusting to fit in is just lies to me
(and) I am not asking you to ride for me
(and) I am not asking you to die for me
I am enquiring for you to abide with me
When I go against the grain, maybe side with me
To lie with me, hold me down, maybe cry with me
When I lose faith in myself, please provide for me
(and) When the demons grab me by the neck:
I want you to survive for me

©Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2012


14 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. Pete Armetta says:

    I hope you will always be confident about just being yourself, no matter how unconventional and do your OWN thing. The only real and true world is the one inside you (or something) 🙂

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