The Narrative of A Cursed Soul, Part I


They were united through thick and thin
Through righteous deeds and despicable sin
God rejected his presence, so he let the devil in
Scarred from the start so now he lets the bottles win
Constantly intoxicated, drowning his sorrows
Crashing into bed at night, hoping he won’t have to see tomorrow
Painfully aware that life is only borrowed
Haunted by his darkest moment, and what followed
Tempted by the potent elixir of sin, and greedily swallowed
When it was done he was damned, sentenced to eternally wallow
In the darkest moment of his life, and to always be hollow.

©Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2012


7 thoughts on “The Narrative of A Cursed Soul, Part I

  1. lydiaa5656 says:

    What a very interesting topic, and the poem follow. In the premise of darkness, there is the opportunistic elements for something wonderful. Darkness does not always spell death, there can be meaning of of hope, and beside the reminder that as human beings we as the capacity to fight on win over the adds.

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