The Unseeing Eye

When my burden becomes too great
and I turn into a man destroyed by faith
I am dissolving into disastrous self-hate
and the halo around my temple becomes dead-weight
I am suffocating in the abyss of my own worries
I lay crippled, awaiting the vengeful flood of my own sorrows
Questioning why we fight to live, when we fear tomorrow
Staring at the ocean of regression, before I dive in it

I loathe my own resentment
and I reject whatever testament
of love and faith, it is not determinant
The hollowness is, and it is permanent
So, nurse me into the haven of the blessed
Cradle and caress me, ease my stress
And when I no longer see
Close my unseeing eye, and set me free

©Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2012


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