My Birthday Girl


Lights please, turn off the lights please
Three different shades, the tranquility of the beak
You need not say a word, your heart still speaks
It sings me the song of sincerity
And I know what we have is a precious rarity
“Relax, inhale”: my moment of clarity
Was when I realized that
Sustaining my persona is your favorite charity
And as I battle the perception of my mental lapses and their regularity
Or lose myself in the concept of peculiarity
You remain by my side, perfect solidarity
As I rise against the machine, and go against the tide
You look me in the eyes and say: “Let us ride.” 
For that I thank you, no one can take that away
Where others would have left, you chose to stay
and walk me through the darkness, whispering: “it is a new day.”
And I need you more than you will ever need me
Remember that, and let our love roam free

©Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2012


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