The Swindling Stair

Time is forever fleeing
As the beat of a heart conceding
From the betrayals it keeps receiving
Constant abuse leaves it bleeding
As is the darkness it keeps feeding
And angst and misery lie there breeding
A devouring plague it can’t contain
Yet another soul lost in pain
One whom fell in love but fell in vain
Lost in a world he can’t sustain
Where love is murder and hate is plain
Where sunshine dies in place of rain.

©Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2012


17 thoughts on “The Swindling Stair

  1. unwrittentruth says:

    this is so beautiful. Sad, yes. but so honest, so true, so very relatable. & i love ur poetic style in general. but this one is probably my favorite piece ever of yours. lol, maybe it’s just how much i can relate right now. but truly, this simply bleeds passion and the reader can feel the emotion you portrayed so well. that sort of giving up. i love this.

  2. celestealluvial says:

    Provoking the deep, still waters, stirring me away from the dangers of contentment….there is a time and place for all things, though, and this was something that resonated with me today, something I enjoyed receiving…..thank you, loved it….

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