Identity Theft

I spend most of my days with an angel who fell from heaven
Who lost her wings, her halo and her memory
She was an unwritten paragraph, a clean slate
But I hardly need words to explain her fate
As she is currently floating through space
Making love on the moon with a blank face
Sailing the stars with a burning craze
Before calmly embracing the daze
That follows the devil and his trace
Of sweetened lies and forgetful days

©Alexander Berg Mattsson, 2013


13 thoughts on “Identity Theft

  1. Conlabentis says:

    I like the tinge of a darkness a woman can leave in someone’s mind and their writing. I sense a lot of sadness and heartache in your work, but a recognition of the darker side of things in general as well. You should head back to my blog and find Dark Portals; Beautiful Stranger, I think you’ll like that poem too. Thanks for liking my work, I appreciate the approval!

    1. thepoeticgoblin says:

      This particular poem came about after one of my closest relatives suffered a relapse, and the title is just what I deem drugs to do with a person. Drugs steals your identity, simply put.

      1. arabian roses says:

        aha ! it’s a good choice indeed .Drugs are scarry,I read once a book about drugs ,it’s based on a true story ,it’s called ‘a million little pieces”,it’s a terrifying story about drugs i wish that kids read such stories to stay away from them to know its destructive effects .

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