Tranquility remains elusive
Yet I refute the notion that my ambition is abusive
That it’s: toxic, constant  – even intrusive
I know all this – yet escape eludes me
Trapped in a state of emergency
Flourishing of the sense of urgency
That blinds my own absurdity
Vividly disputing that my ambitions burden me
As the feeling of achievement nourish me
With an even deeper urge to succeed

Somewhere along the road I lost my sense of home
and I am now convicted to eternally roam
The edge of my own ambition
Never to settle without its permission
I nurse the idea of living on borrowed time
I can’t explain the premonitions
But premature death corrupts my vision
So I chase it all before I am forced to quit
A candle put out before it’s fully lit.

©Alexander Berg Mattsson, June 2013


12 thoughts on “Rootless

  1. arabian roses says:

    deep thoughts, my favorite line is”But premature death corrupts my vision
    So I chase it all before I am forced to quit” i must say that when read between lines and scrutinized closely one will dig many many thoughts ,thanks for sharing Mr Mattson.

  2. schizophrenicbunny says:

    This reads like a rap rather than a poem (although you might claim the former is a subcategory of the latter). The difference between mainstream rap and your piece of work, is substance and intelligence.

  3. Mira Jay says:

    I can’t but bow to the mind sculpturing this piece… I’m certain it’ll echo through my heart longer than I can even tell especially the closure..
    You were badly missed dear Alex.

    Peace & Light

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