Running from the black cloud

Not a smoker, but I’m smoking again
Not asthmatic, but I feel like I’m choking again
Not humorless, but I’ve stopped joking again
Not an actor, but I’m posing again
The pursuit of happiness, I’m losing again
Palm to the chest, yeah it’s pounding again
Palm to the chest, yeah it’s floundering again
TPG was dead and buried, but I can feel him again
The black cloud, it haunts me again
The invisible companion, he taunts me again
I’ve left him before but can I do it again?
Broken down, emotionally depleted – I can feel it again
I’ve wrestled it before but can I beat it again?
Going days without rest, now I live it again
No rest for the weary, can I believe it again?
Harrowing self doubt, it eats me again
I rebuilt myself before, can I find the tools again?
My happiness feels distorted again
I’ve escaped the cloud before, but will it just find me again?


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