Multilingual damnation

The world used to be vibrant, but now it’ is silent
Used to be a peacemaker, but now my mind is violent
Darkness subdued the brightest of days: and I’m it’s tyrant
I grapple with my indifference but it remains defiant
A rebel with a cause who turned compliant

The change was sudden, almost subtle
The blood of an innocent dried in a puddle
The deafening silence, followed by a collective shudder
A piercing shriek from her mother
Pounding heart, vision blurry
As the child embarked on her final journey

The ominous sounds of boots on concrete
Lock and load, fire: repeat.
The bodies of the fallen litter the street
The furious retaliation of the people bittersweet
As the souls of the dead embrace, in victory-less defeat


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